The Smash-proof Guitar


“We don’t make products for consumers, so people don’t realize how far in the forefront our methods are.” That insight from our client, the global engineering company Sandvik, was the inspiration behind the idea to create the world’s first smash-proof guitar.

Then, we challenged the guitar virtuoso and notorious guitar smasher Yngwie Malmsteen to destroy it. In the film, he plays the guitar in front of an excited crowd in a rock club in Miami—after which he unleash his smashing skills on it.

The campaign also includes a mini-documentary that shows how Sandvik engineered the guitar using advanced materials, metal cutting and 3D printing. “Creating a smash-proof guitar for a demanding musician like Malmsteen highlights the capabilities we bring to all complex manufacturing challenges,” Sandvik says.

The films are featured online globally, supported by PR and influencer collaborations, to create a viral effect.