My name is Stefan and I tell stories that makes a difference for brands who have something to say. I create, write and shoot images to make it possible to relive those  memories for years to come.

This is my personal page and portfolio where I share my stuff; work, experiments and other things I find interesting. Don’t expect updates every month, I only update maybe once a year or if I have something interesting to share. Better come visit at Instagram if you want frequent content.

Making Pixels using a camera

I’ve been trying to bring a camera whenever I go somewhere, doesn’t matter which camera. (I have a few). These are some of the captures I have done the last month or so. I hope you like them.

Medium Format Camera

I bought a Yashica Mat Tlr from the 1950’s a couple of weeks ago. Did a walk and tried to test some landscape photos with this one. Love the result.

Life-Defining Moments

Global campaign for Getinge. The challenge was to create global awareness for Getinge and their ground-breaking ventilation technology during a pandemic, when the association is anything but optimistic. So, we chose to tell the story about one of life’s greatest miracles.

Self portrait using Fuji X-T3, XF 56mm/1.2 and Elinchrome Flashes.